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Martha Kauppi is an experienced presenter with a flair for tackling hot-button topics like non-monogamy, sexuality, desire discrepancy, tricky relationship challenges, and more. 

In the past, she's presented at the Milton Erickson Foundation Couples Conference, the AAMFT Annual Conference, the AASECT Annual Conference, as well as numerous other conferences, events, workshops, and podcasts. 

Episode 35: The Guide To Opening Up A Relationship

Listen to Martha Kauppi's conversation with Dr. Justin Lehmiller on his podcast, Sex and Psychology. They discuss what draws people to open relationships, questions you need to ask yourself if you’re thinking about opening up your relationship, problems that tend to arise in open relationships, and more.

Past Presentations


"Supporting Sexual Function through the Lifespan: A Multi-System Approach." June 8, 2021, AAMFT Annual Conference, online.

"4 Skills to Strengthen Consent." June 18, 2021, Consent Fest, online.

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